Subject details

At the completion of this subject students will be able to:

  1. increase their knowledge and understanding of current health policies and regulations in early childhood services
  2. develop skills in accessing, evaluating and using information gained from diverse sources in competent practical ways 
  3. promote positive health practices for young children in the family and in early childhood services 
  4. evaluate early childhood programs in the context of preventative health and child well-being and optimise environments for young children 
  5. develop awareness of current medical and scientific research affecting children and families 
  6. analyse factors involved in various controversies and debates
  7. examine diversity of opinion and reasons underlying this diversity.
    • Introduction to the unit
    • Overview of human syndromes and atypical development
    • Inherited conditions
    • Issues related to human reproduction and breastfeeding
    • Childhood illnesses
    • Allergies
    • Nutrition, physical activity and associated issues (e.g. obesity)
    • Preventative Issues 1 (e.g. immunisation)
    • Preventative Issues 2 (e.g., sun safety, water safety)
    • Road traffic safety
    • Hygiene - infection control
    • Mental health
    • Reflecting on learning
  • Study resources

    • Instructional methods

      • Blog
      • Discussion forum/Discussion Board
      • Embedded Multimedia
      • Online Quizzes/Tests
      • Online assignment submission
      • Podcasting/Lecture capture
      • Standard Media
      • Web links

Equivalent subjects

You cannot enrol in this subject if you have successfully completed any of the following subject(s) because they are considered academically equivalent:

  • MAQ-ECEX601


Admission to Master of Teaching (Birth to Five Years)

Special requirements

  • OtherDetails -

    Access to a digital camera, or mobile phone or tablet with camera capability. Basic computer tools such as Microsoft Word and Powerpoint.

This subject was previously known as ECEX601 Health and Well-being in Early Childhood.

This subject aims to cover many of the health issues that face children and families in both early childhood settings and at home. Early childhood professionals have an added duty of care that necessitates a comprehensive knowledge of likely and unlikely medical events in children's lives. It is also essential that these professionals are familiar with Australian regulations designed to protect children and ensure their optimal wellbeing. With technology and medical knowledge increasing at an exponential rate, it is important to develop a critical awareness of controversies and differences of opinion concerning practices. An awareness of others' beliefs and levels of understanding is necessary. Debate is encouraged regarding health and medical choices and practices.

  • Early identification (20%)
  • Essay (1500 words) (30%)
  • Online media presentation (30%)
  • Online quiz/examination (20%)

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