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At the completion of this subject students will be able to:

  1. demonstrate a comprehensive understanding of cyber security threats, technologies and management practices within public and private sectors
  2. critique and evaluate threats faced in the cyber world and contrast them against those in the physical world
  3. evaluate the significance and relevance of the governing principles behind cyber security, the theory and practice behind technology risks and countermeasures and the role that security management plays in the wider picture of cyber security
  4. demonstrate a comprehensive awareness of the procedures and practices involved in managing cyber security risks and threats and apply these to a real world situation, through the establishment of a cyber security risk assessment exercise.
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This subject is previously known as Cyber Security.

In today’s world, organisations must be able to protect and defend against threats in cyberspace. This subject provides a solid understanding of the theory and practice used to manage information security on computer systems and networks. Students will be exposed to multiple cyber security technologies, processes and procedures, learn how to analyse threats, vulnerabilities and risks present in these environments, and develop appropriate strategies to mitigate potential cyber security problems. Topics include: an overview of computer and communications security, risk assessment, human factors, identification and authentication, access controls, malicious software, software security and legal and ethical issues. Students will have the opportunity to use tools and software commonly used to attack/protect networks  in order to develop workplace skills.

  • Assignment 1 - Assessment 1 (25%)
  • Assignment 2 - Assessment 2 (25%)
  • Assignment 3 - Assessment 3 (50%)

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