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1. critically analyse, evaluate and compare a range of contemporary criminology theories
2. employ independent research skills and disciplinary knowledge to assess the seriousness of domestic and transnational crimes
2. apply a synthesised understanding of contemporary criminology theories to explain the development of a crime of domestic or transnational significance
4. effectively communicate advanced disciplinary knowledge in both written and oral formats

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  • MAQ-PICT888


Admission to MCrim or MSecStrategicStud or MIntell or MCTerrorism or MCyberSec or GradDipSecStudCr or GradCertSecStudCr

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This unit introduces students to advanced contemporary criminology theory. Students will develop a comprehensive understanding of the dynamic interplay between crime and social, political, cultural and economic processes and institutions. Topics included in the unit include: left and right realism, cultural criminology, opportunity and deterrence theories.

  • Online particiaption (10%%)
  • Mid semester quiz (10%%)
  • Minor essay (20%%)
  • End of semester quiz (10%%)
  • Major essay (50%%)

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