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At the completion of this subject students will be able to:

  1. define and apply change management theories, models and practices to a practical business environment
  2. define and apply change management theories, models and practices to a practical business environment
  3. identify organisational change and development trends at national and or global levels and interpret implications of these for the specific organisation
  4. analyse how individuals and organisations react to change
  5. apply change interventions to facilitate individual, group and organisational change and development programs and the limitations of each.
    • Introduction to OCD and history of Organisational Development
    • Factors influencing and driving change
    • Different models for OCD
    • Different models for OCD, (Cont)
    • Entry and contracting for OD projects; Diagnosing organisations; diagnosing groups and jobs
    • Collecting and analysing diagnostic information; Designing OD Interventions
    • Evaluating and Institutionalising OCD interventions
    • Organisational Transformation; Leadership and Change
    • OCD in a Global and Cross-Cultural context
    • Individual and organisational reactions to change; Human process interventions
    • Ethical issues related to OCD
    • OCD consultant - Professional skills and responsibilities, ethics
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CUR-GCB510-Organisational Behaviour for Managers

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The knowledge, skills and understanding of theories, models, strategies, techniques and instruments involved in analysing organisational problems related to change. Planning, implementing and evaluating organisational change and development. Knowledge and skills on the overall process of organisational change and development. Practical experience in analysing organisational problems and in planning, implementing and evaluating the effectiveness of organisational change and improvement programs.

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  • Team Presentation (20%)
  • Case Analysis (40%)
  • Change Evaluation (40%)

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