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At the completion of this subject students will be able to:

  1. apply key marketing concepts, theories and techniques for analysing a variety of marketing situations, relating knowledge from several areas
  2. critically evaluate and reflect upon specific marketing decisions and marketing strategies and make choices based on reasoned argument
  3. review and apply international trends with regard to the theory and practice of marketing management principles
  4. interpret and apply relevant theoretical and conceptual frameworks and develop a solution with regard to an applied project.
  • Topics

    • Introduction to Marketing
    • Marketing strategies
    • Identifying Opportunities: the market
    • Identifying Opportunities: Buyers and Information (focus on customers)
    • Identifying Opportunities: Buyers and Information (focus on research)
    • Creating and Delivering Value: Products
    • Creating and Delivering Value: Services
    • Creating and Delivering Value: Pricing
    • Creating and Delivering Value: Products: Place
    • Creating and Delivering Value: Integrated Marketing Communications
    • Creating and Delivering Value

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Special requirements

No special requirements

Marketing’s central role in creating, communicating, capturing and sustaining value in organisations. The unit employs an integrated marketing management framework, studying marketing in its local and global context. Comprehensive content and associated resources are designed with a view to applying the principles of marketing management across a wide range of organisational contexts.

  • Assignment 1 - Market Analysis (15%)
  • Assignment 2 - Market Solutions (45%)
  • Assignment 3 - Market Innovate (40%)

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