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At the completion of this subject students will be able to:

  1. apply fundamental principles of epidemiology in public health, and identify key sources of relevant data
  2. critically assess research studies and identify how to remedy deficiencies
  3. systematically search and synthesise the peer-reviewed literature to formulate explicit study hypotheses, objectives and/or research questions
    • Introduction to biostatistics, frequency distributions
    • Introduction to research methods, critical appraisal
    • Descriptive statistics
    • Inferential statistics
    • Deciding which statistical methods to use
    • Data collection process, Survey Monkey
    • Observational studies
    • Interventional studies
    • Sampling
    • Measurement reliability and validity, bias
    • Reseach ethics

In order to enrol in this subject, you must be accepted into one of the following degrees:

  • CUR-HIM-GDI-2019
  • CUR-HIM-MAS-2019
  • CUR-MPH-GCE-2019
  • CUR-MHP-MAS-2019
  • CUR-MPH-GDI-2019
  • CUR-MPH-MAS-2019
  • CUR-HIM-GCE-2019
  • CUR-MHP-GDI-2019
  • CUR-MHP-GCE-2019
  • OUA-PSU-GCE-2019
  • UNE-PRO-GCE-2019

Special requirements

No special requirements

This subject was previously known as Health Research Methods.

Students will be provided an introduction to the fundamental principles of research methods and epidemiology, biostatistics, their use and relevance in health research. The emphasis is on application of these designs and methods to topics that may include, but are not limited to, chronic diseases; infectious diseases; environmental, social, behavioural and nutritional factors; sexual health; and occupational health.

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  • Quiz 1 (25%)
  • Quiz 2 (25%)
  • Case Study Application (50%)

Textbook information is pending.

Textbook information is pending.

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