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  • Undergraduate
  • Psychology and Philosophy
  • Curtin University

Found 2 related courses for Curtin University Undergraduate Psychology and Philosophy Subjects

  • Child Development for Educators

    CUR-EDC135 | Undergraduate

    Gain an overview of human development from conception to early adolescence. Interpret aspects of development related to age—exploring how the interactions between the child, caregivers, home and school impact children's development.

    • 28 Feb 2022
    • 29 Aug 2022
  • Digital Culture and Everyday Life

    CUR-NET102 | Undergraduate

    Explore where digital life ends and real life begins. Identify ways in which every day social activities like dating and praying have become digitised. Look into the causes and consequences of our increasing social connection with the online world.

    • 28 Feb 2022
    • 30 May 2022
    • 29 Aug 2022
    • 28 Nov 2022
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