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  • Creative Technologies

    CUR-MTPS504 | Postgraduate

    Understand technology’s role in teaching and learning. Informed by theory and practice, you’ll formulate a strategic approach for using creative technologies to expand learning opportunities for learners, supporting their online wellbeing and safety.

  • Sift through educational data and analyse it. Bring in information from diverse sources including families, schools, allied professionals and Indigenous student groups. Let this data inform your work on improving the student learning experience.

  • Technologies for Information Services

    CUR-INFM120 | Postgraduate

    Upgrade your knowledge of information services technologies. Note issues created by evolving technology. Study records interfaces and how they impact user experience.Store what you need to know about technology features and functions for later use.

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  • Information Design

    CUR-INFM110 | Postgraduate

    Locate ways to structure data objects inside information organisation and retrieval systems.Cross-reference databases, metadata and mark-up languages. Search for ways to make indexing tools more effective. Address global bibliography standards.

  • Reference Services

    CUR-INFM230 | Postgraduate

    Understand the importance of a good reference and information service in libraries.Sort through advanced search strategies and see how to set up automated information retrieval. Discuss citation indexing. Break down the steps in a reference interview.

  • Information Literacy

    CUR-INFM500 | Postgraduate

    Assess how information services play a role in lifelong learning. Learn how to use principles and frameworks to build activities that encourage information literacy. Consider the role of technology in how users understand new information.

  • Collection Management

    CUR-INFM210 | Postgraduate

    Rummage through the policies and issues affecting the collections management field.Describe the methodologies used to measure collections. Learn about document delivery. Round up alternative ways you can help users find the information they need.

  • Management of Information Services

    CUR-INFM510 | Postgraduate

    Learn how to run an information service within an organisation. You’ll look into managing staff and facilities, preparing for disaster, and legal and ethical issues. Learn how to market your service, and evaluate and report on your success and value.

  • Conservation and Preservation

    CUR-INFM335 | Postgraduate

    Cover the strategies employed by information professionals to conserve decaying materials.Explore digital preservation issues. Update your knowledge of copyright law. Compile a list of practices used on local, national and international levels.

  • Web Communications

    CUR-MIC501 | Postgraduate

    Identify the various technical strands that make up the foundation of the world wide web. Dig into wikis, blogs and social networks. Take a look into the future of online communication tools. Find new and different ways of communicating online.