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  • Design and Statistics II

    MAQ-PSYX2248 | Undergraduate

    In this intermediate course, you’ll cover statistics used for experiments in psychological research. Discover the importance of interpretation and the power of sample size. Learn statistic methods including correlation, regression and more.

  • Modern Warfare

    MAQ-PICX2012 | Undergraduate

    Investigate the operational dynamics of modern warfare—how can force be applied, what can it achieve, and its limitations. Probe the intersection of politics and warfare, identify logistics issues, and the influence of technology on major combat. 

  • Simulation in Cyber Security

    MAQ-PICX8954 | Postgraduate

    In this sequential course, you’ll put the knowledge you’ve gained in cyber security into practice with a simulation of a real-world crisis. Solve problems and find solutions using research and analysis in teams.

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  • Raise your awareness of cyberspace threats and the implications for law enforcement and national security responses. Study the role of the internet in radicalisation and recruitment, and the role of digital currency in money laundering.

  • Australia and Cyber Intelligence

    MAQ-PICX8049 | Postgraduate

    Examine cyber policing from an intelligence-led policing perspective by looking at cybercrime, jurisdictions and extradition, information sharing, collaboration and cyber policing challenges

  • Applied Cyber Security

    MAQ-PICX8048 | Postgraduate

    Gain an overview of communications security, risk assessment, human factors, authentication, malicious software, software security and legal and ethical issues for a comprehensive understanding of cyber security threats.

  • Cyber Crime and Cyber Policing

    MAQ-PICX8040 | Postgraduate

    Investigate the motivations, methodology and the victims of cyber crime by studying past and current cyber threats and future trends in high tech crime. Follow the involvement of transnational organised crime groups and profit trails.