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  • Schooling and Australian Society

    CUR-MTPS502 | Postgraduate

    Explore the impact that social and economic forces have on Australian education. Ask how a diversity of cultural backgrounds in the classroom can support learning outcomes. Address the current Australian Professional Standards for Teachers.

  • Study the impact of acute and chronic illnesses across both physical and mental conditions. Consider how they impact the patient and their family. Cover quality of life - including sexuality, body image, fatigue, spirituality and more. 

  • Advancements in Health Psychology

    CUR-PSB590 | Postgraduate

    Health psychology covers how psychology, behaviour and culture affect health. In this course, learn how evidence can be used to tackle issues in the space. Choose a research question, evaluate literature on the topic, and come up with a solution. 

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  • Ready to roll-up your sleeves? Develop an intervention for a real-life scenario in health psychology – the study of how psychological factors impact health. Review literature in the area your intervention handles and then evaluate your pilot. 

  • Contemporary Health Psychology

    CUR-PSB570 | Postgraduate

    Come to grips with health psychology – a study in how psychological factors can impact health. Study health psychology’s place in clinical settings. Consider the impact of living with a chronic illness on individuals and their support networks. 

  • Understanding Victims and Offenders

    CUR-PSB560 | Postgraduate

    Understand why some people are more likely to commit particular crimes than others, and why certain citizens are more likely to be victims of these crimes. Cover sexual crimes, violent crimes and family violence in particular. 

  • Untangle the ‘why’ behind crime by better understanding the perpetrators psyche. You’ll consider how elements such as biology, personality and mental health impact are at play. Get an introduction to forensic psychology and major theories of crime. 

  • Psychology and Policing

    CUR-PSB540 | Postgraduate

    Learn how psychology can help police. You’ll dive head-first into false confessions and testimony, interviewing, facial recognition, eyewitnesses and human error. Beyond prosecution, learn how psychologists can assist police in times of stress.  

  • Crime and Mental Health

    CUR-PSB530 | Postgraduate

    Delve into the complex relationship between crime and mental illness. Examine links between offending, violence, mental disorder, and substance abuse. Get critical with an evidence-based approach that separates media representations from actual research.

  • Health Sciences Research Dissertation

    CUR-MPH606 | Postgraduate