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Found 58 related courses for Curtin University Undergraduate Business and Management Subjects

  • Company Accounting

    CUR-ACC320 | Undergraduate

  • Accounting, Behaviour and Control

    CUR-ACC310 | Undergraduate

  • Auditing, Assurance and Risk Assessment

    CUR-ACC300 | Undergraduate

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  • Financial Reporting

    CUR-ACC230 | Undergraduate

  • Introduction to Australian Tax Law

    CUR-BLW32 | Undergraduate

    Jump inside the Australian tax system and get to know the legislation. Study up on capital gains tax, income tax and goods and services tax. Work out the taxable income for a company. Develop an understanding of how partnerships and trusts work.

  • Introductory Economics

    CUR-BAN12 | Undergraduate

    Strive to understand how economists look at the world, then apply their approach to problems both big and small. Review economic theories, the GDP and the rules of supply and demand. Get a bird’s eye view of the global economic markets.

  • Company Law for Business

    CUR-BLW21 | Undergraduate

    See how the legal system impacts the way companies are run. Research company structures and incorporation laws. Uncover the rights and duties of company members, directors and stakeholders. Grasp the underlying principles that govern company laws.

  • Introduction to Finance Principles

    CUR-BAN23 | Undergraduate

    Enter the world of corporate financial management and decision-making. Break down key principles, concepts and processes and apply them to corporate scenarios. Get a handle on asset pricing theory, interest rates and project and asset valuation

  • The Digital Economy

    CUR-NET205 | Undergraduate

    Learn to understand the dynamics of the digital economy, including the importance of platforms, networks, attention, and growth. Explore alternative economic forms, such as peer-to-peer and gift economies.

  • Business Intellectual Property

    CUR-BLW370 | Undergraduate

    Cover copyright issues such as infringements and moral rights. Look closely at Australian and international policies. Interrogate franchising and licensing practices. Review the approaches businesses can take to protect their intellectual property.