Undergraduate units in Law and justice

Unit name Code Provider Availability
Foundations of International Taxation
BLW31 Curtin SP1
Introduction to Australian Tax Law (Previously BLW22)
BLW32 Curtin SP1 SP3
Unit name Code Provider Availability
Business Law
BLW14 Curtin SP1 SP3
Applied Contract Law
BLW15 Curtin SP2 SP4
Practical Consumer and Competition Law
BLW20 Curtin SP3
Tort Liability for Business
BLW202 Curtin SP1
Company Law for Business
BLW21 Curtin SP1 SP3
International Business Law
BLW26 Curtin SP1
Practical Employment Law
BLW33 Curtin SP3
Business Intellectual Property
BLW370 Curtin SP1
Property Law for Business
BLW383 Curtin SP3
LAW30006 Swinburne SP1
Unit name Code Provider Availability
Introduction to Forensic Psychology
CCJ10 Griffith SP2 SP4
Criminology Skills
CCJ101 Griffith SP1 SP3
Introduction to Criminology and Criminal Justice
CCJ113 Griffith SP1 SP3
CCJ114 Griffith SP2 SP4
Police, Courts and Criminal Law
CCJ12 Griffith SP1 SP3
Law, Government and Policy
CCJ13 Griffith SP2 SP4
Understanding Social Problems
CCJ18 Griffith SP1 SP3
Doing Criminology
CCJ19 Griffith SP2 SP4
Psychology of Crime
CCJ20 Griffith SP2 SP4
Offender Profiling
CCJ211 Griffith SP1 SP3
Crime and Media
CCJ213 Griffith SP2
CCJ214 Griffith SP2 SP4
Gender, Crime and Justice
CCJ215 Griffith SP2 SP4
White Collar Crime (Previously CCJ31)
CCJ218 Griffith SP2 SP4
Introduction to Policing
CCJ22 Griffith SP1 SP3
Understanding Corrections
CCJ23 Griffith SP1 SP3
Sociology of Crime
CCJ27 Griffith SP1 SP3
Statistics for Social Research
CCJ29 Griffith SP1 SP3
Developing Professionally
CCJ307 Griffith SP1 SP3
Social Science Research Methods
CCJ32 Griffith SP2 SP4
Evolutionary Criminology
CCJ320 Griffith SP2 SP4
Rehabilitating Offenders
CCJ33 Griffith SP2 SP4
Punishment, Justice and Reform
CCJ36 Griffith SP2 SP4
Youth Justice
CCJ37 Griffith SP1 SP3
Crime Analysis and Investigation
CCJ38 Griffith SP1 SP3
Race, Crime and Justice
CCJ39 Griffith SP1 SP3
Unit name Code Provider Availability
Introduction to Global Politics
POIX108 Macquarie Sem1 Sem2 Sem3
Middle-East Politics
POIX278 Macquarie Sem1 Sem2
International Political Conflict: Cold Wars and Hot Wars from 1945 to the Present
POIX279 Macquarie Sem1 Sem2
Creating New States
POIX304 Macquarie Sem1
Australian Foreign Policy
POIX308 Macquarie Sem1
United States Politics: Money, Culture, Power
POIX392 Macquarie Sem2
Unit name Code Provider Availability
Business Law
Finance Law
LAW30002 Swinburne SP1
Unit name Code Provider Availability
Introduction to Security Studies
PICX110 Macquarie Sem1 Sem2
Security in an Age of Risk
PICX111 Macquarie Sem1 Sem2
Strategy and Security in the Indo-Pacific Region
PICX112 Macquarie Sem1 Sem2
Terrorism in the 21st Century
PICX113 Macquarie Sem1 Sem2
Intelligence and Counter Intelligence
PICX210 Macquarie Sem1 Sem2
National Security: Policy and Strategy
PICX211 Macquarie Sem1 Sem2
Modern Warfare
PICX212 Macquarie Sem1 Sem2
National Resilience: Crisis Response and Emergency Management
PICX213 Macquarie Sem1 Sem2
Insecurity and Development
PICX310 Macquarie Sem1 Sem2
Cyber Security in Practice
PICX311 Macquarie Sem1 Sem2
Strategies of Political Violence
PICX313 Macquarie Sem1 Sem2
Ethics and Security
PICX320 Macquarie Sem2
Perspectives on Security and Terrorism
POL192 Murdoch SP1 SP3
Military Force and Counterterrorism
POL232 Murdoch SP3 SP4
Terrorism in a Globalised World
POL234 Murdoch SP2 SP4
Terrorism and Political Violence in South Asia
POL237 Murdoch SP1 SP3
Policing, Intelligence and Counterterrorism
POL335 Murdoch SP2 SP4
International Security Studies
POL345 Murdoch SP1 SP3