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  • Australian National University

    Grow your career in natural resources

    Take your existing knowledge in natural resource management to the next level in this course. Expand your career opportunities with advanced coursework covering biodiversity conservation, climate change, social impacts and environmental governance.

  • University of Newcastle

    Solve real-world environmental problems and build connections

    Step up to effective environmental leadership at a time when it’s needed most. This UN certified course covers the latest theories around building a sustainable future. Specialise in business management, natural resources, or spatial science.

  • University of Newcastle

    Lead teams to thrive when disaster strikes

    Are you a manager looking to build resilience in hardships like natural disasters, data breaches, political changes, terrorism or epidemics? This is your course. Become an expert in risk reduction and management. Thrive beyond the unprecedented.

  • Curtin University

    Identify and apply international best practice to sustainability

    Study urban design, sustainable cities, leadership, Aboriginal sustainability, decarbonising cities and regions, climate policy and economics. Graduates find careers in sectors where social research and analytical skills in sustainability are required.

  • Australian National University

    ANU-CLI-MAS | Postgraduate

    Get qualified in an Australian Government National Priority Area

    Solve environmental problems as a climate change expert or policymaker. Prepare for a career spanning climate change risk assessment, adaptation and mitigation strategy development, as well as regional, national and international policy formulation.

  • Griffith University

    GRF-GDM-MAS | Postgraduate

    Engage with politics and power in the modern world

    Get a deep understanding of policy, politics, people and power in the modern world. Develop your thought leadership skills. Look for creative solutions to improve the world around you. Connect to the international development community. 

  • Griffith University

    GRF-ENV-MAS | Postgraduate

    Choose a career that puts the planet first

    Work to make society more sustainable. Prepare yourself for senior management. Contribute to policy and run environmental management systems. Specialise in areas like climate change adaptation, economics and policy or environmental protection.

  • University of Queensland

    UOQ-ENM-MAS | Postgraduate

    A leadership-level environmental qualification in 2 years

    Become the kind of environmental leader who goes beyond imagining a better future. Learn how to implement real-life strategies for improving the environments in which we live. Graduate with the leadership skills to move mountains in 2 years.