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Course results for Postgraduate Public health Degrees

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  • University of the Sunshine Coast

    Change lives for the better through health promotion

    Advance your skills in health promotion. Develop the skills you need to create strategies that promote health and wellbeing. Drive behavioural change that benefits society through evidence-based study.

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  • Torrens University Australia

    TUA-PHL-GCE | Postgraduate

    Preventative solutions for illness and injury in the community

    Learn how to use promotion and intervention to tackle public health challenges. You’ll explore social, behavioural, and cultural factors in public health. Think about specialising in epidemiology, environmental health, or digital health.

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    6 months full time or part time equivalent

  • University of Tasmania

    TAS-DMC-GCE | Postgraduate

    Find your place in the practices and systems of dementia care

    Help to improve the lives of people with dementia and support their families and the community. Explore health science aspects and social issues. Begin to understand relevant neurobiology. Study public health policies and systems.

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    6 months full time or part time equivalent

  • University of Queensland

    UOQ-EPD-GCE | Postgraduate

    Detective work for diseases

    Learn to conduct vital investigations into diseases and disorders that affect entire populations. You’ll study the core concepts of epidemiology and build skills for working with data. Use maths and science to improve the health and lives of communities.

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  • University of Queensland

    Understand the link between health and the environment

    Are you a health professional looking to respond to the rise in health challenges connected to our environments? Start with this certificate, spanning four subjects that will equip you to understand the relationship between complex risk factors. 

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