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  • Southern Cross University
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Course results for Southern Cross University Undergraduate Business & management Degrees

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  • Southern Cross University

    An accredited accounting specialisation

    Learn how to start a business, problem solve, and thrive in the interconnected business world. This accounting specialisation deep dives into professional practices. You’ll study finance, auditing, taxation, and more. Become a valued accountant.

  • Southern Cross University

    Business skills for the dynamic world of tourism

    Learn how to thrive in the interconnected world of tourism. Go beyond travel to explore event planning and quality in the services sector. Think about sustainability and the Indigenous experience in relation to tourism. Join the experience economy.

  • Southern Cross University

    An accredited financial services specialisation

    Learn how to thrive in the interconnected business world of finance. You’ll study financial planning, business law, risk management, and more. Get to know the tools of business financial management. Join the booming financial services sector.

  • Southern Cross University

    SCU-BEN-DEG | Undergraduate

    A multidisciplinary business degree with a focus on innovation

    Get set to run your own successful business or thrive as a business professional. This business degree offers a range of majors and specialisations so you can navigate today’s complex business world. Includes sustainability for that business edge.

  • Southern Cross University

    Skills and confidence to kickstart your next business venture

    Bring products and services to life. Learn to cooperate, connect, and communicate. You’ll explore the startup process and innovation cycles. Solve problems, avoid pitfalls, and take the lead. Use business tools to change what’s important to you.

  • Southern Cross University

    Data skills for the dynamic world of business

    Generate valuable insights to help businesses make better decisions. You’ll study statistical techniques for real-world problem solving. Build awesome dashboards to display your data. Produce market intelligence and feed into business forecasting.