Walking the hallways of a tech-giant

Have a passion for information technology? Meet Ben, a young Aussie who now walks the hallways of tech-giant Microsoft.

Why wait for a pre-determined ‘right time’, if you’re ready to make your move now? This mentality accelerated Ben’s career, got him employed by Microsoft, and positioned him years ahead of his peers.

As Ben went through high school, he felt that he wasn’t being challenged. So he made the decision to skip straight to a university education, enrolling in RMIT’s Bachelor of Information Technology, online though OUA. For the past 5 years since graduation, things have been moving fast.

Benjamin studied information technology with RMIT, through Open Universities Australia
Benjamin - Studied information technology with RMIT, through Open Universities Australia.

At 22 years old, Ben now holds a full-time position at Microsoft, and is based in Washington nearby the Microsoft headquarters. While his friends are only just starting uni, Ben has already undergone an internship, which landed him a permanent position, and is now a front-end developer for Microsoft’s SharePoint team.

“Working on a product like this allows me to have impact on millions and millions of people’s lives across the globe”

SharePoint is platform on the web for document management and collaboration, which many organisations around the world use as an intranet. It’s a market leader in the space. “Working on a product like this allows me to have impact on millions and millions of people’s lives across the globe” says Ben.


Ben is gaining a world of knowledge through his role, but what he learned through his degree still comes in handy everyday. His specific knowledge in software engineering is essential, but the soft skills he learned, such as structuring information and team management have proved just as valuable.

When the time comes, Ben plans to move back home to Australia to have a family – but for now, he’s got the perfect setup to rocket towards success. “As for career ambitions, I think right here at Microsoft is where I’m achieving them”.

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