Uni student discounts you didn’t know about

There are many perks to being a student. Did you know about these sweet deals you can claim with your student card?  

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Living on a student budget can sometimes be a stretch—but a student card can become your best, money-saving friend.

From cheap cinema tickets to discounts on a new fit, there is a long list of cool discounts to be had.  Are you making the most of your card? Let’s take a look at some of the surprising perks you may be entitled to. 

What discounts do uni students get?

Cinema tickets 

Who doesn’t love a movie night? Cinema tickets aren’t super cheap these days though— unless you’re a student. Most major cinema chains like Hoyts, Village and Event Cinemas have a student deal: it may be dirt-cheap tickets on certain days or a discount for all sessions. 

Public transport concessions 

Travelling around on PT can quickly add up. Luckily, you’re eligible for significant savings with a student card. If you’re a full-time student (or you have a Health Care Card) you can likely claim a sweet concession rate. Just keep in mind you may have to apply for an additional concession card from your public transport service alongside your student card.


This is a cool one. All uni students are entitled to at least 10% off clothing retailers like Cotton On, ASOS, The Iconic and Bonds. All you have to do is register your student status with UNiDAYS and you can claim the discount on full-priced styles on the site. New drip sorted. 


Especially if you’re just starting out at uni, you may want to refresh your tech. A new laptop doesn’t come cheap—but you can likely save a good chunk of cash by flashing your student card. Major brands like Apple have a special Education Store with reduced pricing, and technology retailers in Australia like the Good Guys also offer special deals for university students. 


If you’re studying design or the humanities, you may end up becoming a regular at cultural attractions like museums and galleries. As a student, you’re likely entitled to a cheap—or maybe even free—entry rate, so make sure you bring along your card when you’re out adventuring. 

Gym memberships 

Making time to work out while you study is a great way to keep stress at bay. Major chains like Virgin Active offer good membership deals for students—or have a chat with the most convenient gym for you and see what they do. 

Music streaming 

Hate listening to ads? Same. They’re especially annoying if you’re putting on a soothing study playlist to soundtrack some last-minute cramming. Luckily, music streaming services like Spotify offer a discounted membership rate for students, so you don’t have to splash the big bucks on good tunes. 

Food and coffee 

Good coffee is a study essential for many of us. It’s worth checking in with your local café to see if they offer a student deal. Many food chains also have student discounts up for grabs. For example, Aussie burger chain Grill’d offers a student special between Mondays and Thursdays—you just have to register to claim it. 

What else? 

Honestly, it’s always worth keeping your card handy, just in case there’s an unexpected opportunity to use it. Whenever you’re making a purchase—especially a big one—it’s a good idea to ask if there’s a student discount available. You might be surprised by how much you can save! 

How to get student discounts

Many discounts will come automatically with your student ID card, which you will be given during your orientation at university. However, depending on your city and circumstances, you may also need to apply for a concession card, which can be used for things like public transport concessions. Chat with your student support centre for more information on how to apply. 

What if you’re an online student? 

Some people don’t realise it, but just like students who study on campus, online students are entitled to a student card and all the discounts that go along with it. 

To obtain your card, you will likely need to log in to your online student portal and upload a photo of yourself and provide your mailing address so it can be posted to you. Check in with your institution to work out the exact process. 

Once it’s sent out, you’ll have all manner of sweet deals at your fingertips. Enjoy! 


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