The Navy medic making new beginnings

For Navy medic Adrian, there was no ocean wide enough to keep him from returning to study. 

If there’s a profession you might consider to be physically and emotionally taxing, it’s got to be working in the Navy. Navy medics are responsible for evacuating casualties, nursing the wounded, giving trauma care and providing life support. Adrian’s role involves training others in these skills. To say it’s a big job is an understatement. 

So when Adrian considered online study to take the next step in his career, he knew he needed a flexible option.  

Following the itch 

Adrian’s life has always been punctuated by his interest in health. And while his Bachelor of Paramedics had taken him far in the field, a decade on from leaving school he began to wonder: Was there somewhere else his passion could take him?  

Recognising the power of good habits during his time in the Navy, Adrian decided he’d like to inspire the health of the next generation. To achieve his goal, he realised he needed to study health promotion.  

A path to success 

The Graduate Certificate in Health Promotion with Curtin University, through Open Universities Australia allowed Adrian to continue working full-time in the industry while taking the next step in his career. 

“It was an easy online process – simply going online, choosing what I needed to do. I basically followed the bouncing ball from there.” Adrian says.   

Adrian - Studied a Graduate Certificate in Health Promotion, with Curtin through Open Universities Australia.

An ocean of opportunity 

Adrian’s new qualification helped him build skills in researching, implementing and evaluating health promotion programs to better the health of others. 

Recognised by the Australian Health Promotion Association and the Public Health Association of Australia, the qualification is helping Adrian explore opportunities in the government, business, schools and in the community.  What’s more, it provides a pathway for Adrian to progress to the Graduate Diploma in Health Promotion, or a range of Masters in health. 

About this course

The Graduate Diploma in Health Promotion is no longer accepting students. The good news is, through Open Universities Australia, there are plenty of similar choices:

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