Taking on LA, with cutting-edge kicks

Bess moved to America to start an urban fashion brand. Today, she and her husband/business partner are generating hype, making sales, and basking in the Laguna Beach sunshine.

Bess is a woman who knows what she wants—she made the move to America with her husband Sean, and began an urban fashion brand. Today, these hard-working entrepreneurs are generating hype, making sales, and basking in the Laguna Beach sunshine. As you can imagine, Bess has never looked back. 

SKNR Project—that’s what Bess and Sean have named their brand. They produce luxury lifestyle sneakers, that have the look and design consideration of high-end luxury brands, but with a price tag that appeals to the everyday consumer. The Australian duo have teamed up with designers in New York to create a look that’s incredibly fashion-forward. Bess is also establishing a second brand with a group of professional skaters in LA, due for release this year.

Business student Bess Kennedy
Bess - Studied Business with Griffith, through Open Universities Australia.

Bess works the role of Marketing and eCommerce Director – a big title for a 26 year old. She’s been able to make her dream a reality through her previous experience with Australian fashion brand Zimmerman, where she worked as a state manager. To further her practical learning, Bess studied a business degree, through which she gained the essential skills to build her brand. She also relies on these skills to run her own e-commerce and marketing agency, helping other brands in the fashion industry build their online presence.

Business student Bess Kennedy meeting about the products

Originally from Adelaide, Bess had enrolled at Griffith University, but felt that on-campus study was holding her back. She switched to online study through Open Universities Australia, and completed her Griffith University Bachelor of Business. Free from the restraints of a timetable, Bess was able to accelerate her career. She was even able to fast-track her degree by studying units above the full-time requirement, giving her the chance to take on more at once, rather than waiting for the next study term or semester to start.

Bess’ 5 year business plan is to build her brand as high as possible, then sell, and take a well-deserved 6 months off to travel to Spain. After that, she and Sean plan to do it all again. It’s the thrill of building something from scratch and nurturing it to success – that’s what gets Bess’ fire burning. 

Business student Bess Kennedy walking pets

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