Inspire the next generation with Curtin’s Master of Teaching

Teaching is a vital profession, promising a career that is challenging, rewarding and different with every new day.

With a Master of Teaching from Curtin University, you’ll gain expertise in either Secondary School, Primary School, or Early Childhood teaching – putting you in a position to inspire, and positively influence the lives of the next generation.


Are you teacher material?

If you love learning, and count empathy as one of your greatest strengths, teaching could be the career for you.

Ask yourself:

  • Do you enjoy talking to and meeting new people?
  • Have you ever enjoyed coaching a sports team, drama, dance or music group?
  • Do others naturally gravitate toward you for help? Do you have the patience to make sure they fully understand?
  • Do you enjoy sharing what you know, and get excited when you see someone have an ‘aha’ moment?

As a teacher, you get to be a part of your students’ growth and success. The enjoyment of seeing someone else gain knowledge and be successful is at the heart of being a great teacher.

Other typical traits include being organised, being able to manage your time well, and to be able to follow specific instructions, such as curriculum guidelines. A passion for education, life-long learning and resilience will also help you succeed.

When you start out as a brand new teacher-in-training, you don’t need to have all these skills and attributes on your first morning. You’ll develop them as you progress through your course, and become profession-ready by graduation.

About Curtin’s Master of Teaching courses

Through Curtin, the Master of Teaching offers 3 majors, delivered as individual courses:

If you choose to specialise in primary education, you’ll study all curriculum areas, but in secondary education, you’ll be required to choose at least one major teaching area, including mathematics, science, art and humanities and social science. Early childhood education offers specialised knowledge, which delves deeply into teaching methods and techniques, to cater for children of diverse backgrounds and learning abilities.

What’s exciting about the Masters is you have opportunities to work in a teaching environment during the course. You’ll develop the practical classroom skills that accompany your theoretical knowledge. Practicums run for 10, 15 or 25 days at a time, allowing you to form a strong connection between theory and practice.

What it’s like to study online

Apart from a few fixed requirements like start dates, assessment due dates or exams – you’re free to study on your own terms. You’ll decide when and where you attend your online lectures or seminars, when you’ll collaborate online and how your study time fits around your lifestyle.

Curtin University aren’t new to online study – they’ve been in the game for years. They take great care in ensuring that the quality of your study experience online is equal to that on campus. Take, for example, Curtin’s Collaborate sessions, which are online virtual classrooms. You can watch tutorials and chat to students and tutors in real-time, or catch up on the action at a later date. If you ever get stuck, your tutors will only be a phone call or email away.

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