8 little victories to celebrate as you study

If you’ve knocked off a little study – we’ve got some news to keep you motivated.



You may not realise, but you’ve actually come a long way, both academically and emotionally.

Think back to how you were feeling before you enrolled to study online. Were you questioning your academic capacity? Your ability to thrive outside the physical classroom? Your likeliness to keep up? Even after a few weeks of study, you’ve been victorious in more ways than you think. It’s time to give yourself the credit you deserve.

Your little victories:

1. You took the leap

You actually enrolled and made a start. That’s a huge step. Some people sit on the fence for years before they work up the courage to make a move.

2. You broke through the ‘unknown’

Despite your uncertainty around such things as the mechanics of online study, and your ability to succeed at uni – you saw a need for education and you followed through. You may not have felt comfortable in the beginning, but as you became more familiar with the experience, what felt foreign has come to feel normal. Getting through that hazy period of uncertainty can often be the hardest part, so well done you!

3. You discovered the lay of the land

You became familiar with the actual online learning environment. You know how it works and where everything is. You’ve figured out how to interact with your classmates and your tutors, which was probably something that made you nervous at the beginning. You know how to consume the course material, and how to submit your work. The groundwork is done, and you no longer have to worry about the ‘how-to’ aspect of online learning.

4. You became more digitally savvy

To add to the last point, you’ve begun the mammoth task of university study in a virtual classroom – as if it wasn’t already mind-melting enough. With the world moving in an undeniably digital direction, you can carry your new skills anywhere.

5. You progressed academically

The first semester is always the hardest, because you’re still trying to understand the scope of your studies and what you’ll be learning, how much time and energy is required of you, and how you’ll manage your personal workflow. Your results so far hardly matter – you now know what it takes to succeed, and you’ll either continue to soar, or know what to aim for next time.

6. You moved closer to the finish line

You’ve knocked off a portion of your studies, which is well worth celebrating.

Having said that, it’s important to enjoy the journey too. We’re always rushing to ‘get through’ challenging periods, but often, we look back on these periods with fondness. Life’s more volatile times tend to stick in our memories – there are lows as well as highs, and that contrast makes you feel… well, alive. So don’t wish the experience away – try take it all in!

7. You earned sweet downtime

Make sure you treat yourself to the things you enjoy – you earned it! All work and no play makes Jack not only dull, but stressed out, and less likely to reach his potential. Yes, you are Jack in this scenario.

8. You equipped yourself for next study term

Now that you’ve got experience under your belt, rest assured that it only gets easier from here. With all the finicky details under control, you can now squeeze the most out of your studies, and take hold of the career you’ve envisioned.

It’s important to look back and reflect, because often, you’ve come further than you think. If you’re struggling with any of the above, OUA’s student advisors are always here to help, so be sure to get in contact.

So keep motivated, take it one day at a time, and continue celebrating your little victories along the way!

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