10 reasons to finish your degree

If you’re feeling a lack of motivation, here are a few reminders of why you started your degree, and why you should definitely finish.

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Life can often get in the way, forcing you to take a break from study. Finding it within you to jump back in can be hard.

On the flip-side, you might be halfway through your degree, and feel like there’s still such a long way ahead of you. Maybe you’re not one of those people who springs out of bed every morning super motivated and ready to take on the world. Perhaps you’re still a bit tired from your kid's latest tantrum, you simply ate a big lunch, or you just don’t feel like it right now. These are all perfectly normal feelings everyone experiences.

Before you get yourself into too deep a slump, take some time to remind yourself why gaining a degree is an incredibly smart move.

10 reasons why you should restart or finish-off your degree:

1. A better chance 

Even if some companies are ditching degree requirements for certain roles, the majority of professionals have a minimum qualification of a Bachelor degree. We can no longer assume everything can be learned on the job, and managers rarely have time to properly mentor staff.

2. The ability to shift

People with some form of education, have greater confidence to enter, change and adapt to new career fields. This also allows you to network effectively to keep your doors open for future opportunities or for times in need.

3. Be your best self

Education enhances and improves your natural talents by adding clarity and focus. For example, you may be a born leader, so your Bachelor’s degree in Business will compliment your natural talent with extra strategies and techniques.

4. Earn more money

Education allows you to potentially earn more money, running off the concept of ‘the more you learn, the more you earn’. It can provide a sense of financial security and a sense of self accomplishment.

5. Live healthy

Educated people not only have higher salaries in general, but studies show that they also tend to lead healthier lifestyles and live longer.

6. Create a safety net

Unemployment periods between jobs and overall unemployment rates are lower if you have a degree.

7. Lead by example

Education sets a good example for your family and children, encouraging them to also succeed in life. Placing value on education motivates and displays excellence.

8. Get the edge

Education allows you to be more competitive in filling job requirements, as the changing employment market won’t get any easier.

9. Stay relevant

The world economy is changing. We are now no longer just local, there has been a global expansion and we should start to expect international pressure (and also the consider abroad prospects).

10. Be a life learner

And finally, it may sound obvious, but it’s oh-so-true—education is the key to happiness, success, and opportunities. Learning is for life.

You can never be too educated, and here’s the secret to success—strive to conquer something new. Regardless of whether that’s one subject per study term or one short course a year, you are still enabling yourself to move forward, stay relevant and invest in you.

If life gets in the way, or circumstances change, adjust your study load. Don’t put it off all together.

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