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We give you access to over 270 degrees and 1,600 subjects from leading Australian universities—and help you find the right course for you.
With over 1300 single subjects

Single subjects

We make studying at university level accessible to everyone by offering single subjects with full government funding. (Subject to government eligibility requirements.)

Regardless of your previous education, we can get you started with our simple online enrolment.

Try studying in a particular area and see if online study suits you, or upskill in a subject that you’re interested in.

Leading unis all in the one place

Choose from a broad range of single subjects from leading Australian unis, and study online when and how it suits you.

Instant approval

With no entry requirements* just choose your subject and enrol to start studying.

Give it a try

Try a single subject without committing to a full degree. You can use this as credit if you want to go on to a full degree.

Skills boost

Boost your existing skills or refresh your knowledge as and when you need to for work, life, or because you love learning.

Withdraw without penalty

Before the end of your third week, if you decide it’s not for you then you can withdraw through us without penalty.

Fast track your study

Already on campus? We offer multiple study terms so you can get to graduation quicker or study subjects you’ve missed.

Take a gap year while studying

Start uni study while travelling or working from anywhere in the world and get credit when you return home and study on-campus.

Get a head start

Planning to study on-campus when you leave school? Get a head start and enrol from 16, or even earlier with permission.

Choose from over 150 degrees


Study online, anywhere, anytime and graduate with the same qualification that on-campus students receive.

With access to over 270 degrees across seven study areas, we have helped over 400,000 students study at their chosen uni.

Simple online applications and fast approval process, so you can start your degree quickly and easily.

Leading unis all in the one place

Choose from over 270 degrees from leading unis without having to visit all of them separately, and study online, from anywhere.

Flexible study load

Study online at your own pace, when and how it suits you. If your circumstances change so can your study load.

Customise your degree

Select subjects from multiple universities and graduate with the uni you have studied with most.

Fast-track your progression

Multiple study terms mean you’re not constrained to on-campus uni semesters. Get to graduation as fast as your circumstances allow.

Simple application, quick approval

We make the first step easier with our online application process and help you get the right funding in place.

Secure path to graduation

Once you’ve formally entered your degree you can lock in your path to graduation with protection against degree changes and all your tuition fees are capped.

Uncapped funding

Access uncapped government loans with no lifetime limit. Especially great if you want to do more study in the future.