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  • RMIT University

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  • User-Centred Design

    RMI-CPT112 | Undergraduate

    Focus on improving experiences and engagement for end-users. Adopt a design first approach to create meaningful, useful and functional interfaces. Apply user-centred design to develop interactive systems considering people’s abilities and limits.

  • Scientific Skills and Communication

    RMI-SCB100 | Undergraduate

    Prepare for a professional scientific career. Write and communicate using a range of suitable language, tools and science protocols. Work responsibly and safely. Explain the role and relevance of science in society. Gain practical study skills.

  • Web Programming

    RMI-CPT270 | Undergraduate

    Gain worldwide web skills using principles and tools to develop web applications. Communicate in the language of IT. Get more acquainted with technology, design and HTML5, CSS, SSI and XML web protocols. Learn client-side and server-side programming.

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  • Science Fiction, Science Fact

    RMI-SCI302 | Undergraduate

    Navigate the journey between science fact and fiction. Learn how fictional ideas inspire futuristic, functional design. From Star Trek to cryogenics and nanotechnology, clarify how scientific research has solved many tech challenges in society. 

  • Web Development Technologies

    RMI-CPT373 | Undergraduate

    Design and build your technically creative future. Apply skills developing applications for Microsoft using CLI and C# programming language. Consider security and performance. Integrate web applications with back-end databases and create web services.