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  • Legal, Justice and Security
  • University of New England

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  • Foundations of Law

    UNE-LAW100 | Undergraduate

    Get to grips with the legal system. Take a deep dive into how the law is made, the operations of the legal system, and the role that this all plays in society. Learn basic methods of legal analysis, and develop skills in legal research and writing.

  • Law in Context

    UNE-LAW101 | Undergraduate

    Develop an understanding of the jurisprudential concepts of law, ethics and values. Interrogate the history of and ongoing influences on the development of Australian law. Learn to construct and communicate a persuasive legal argument.

  • Introduction to Legal Studies

    UNE-LSU100 | Undergraduate

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  • International Criminal Law

    UNE-LAW391 | Undergraduate

  • Evidence and Proof

    UNE-LAW313 | Undergraduate

  • Succession

    UNE-LAW301 | Undergraduate

  • Interviewing for Advocacy

    UNE-LAW270 | Undergraduate

  • Contract Law

    UNE-LAW172 | Undergraduate

    Cover principles of common law, equity, statutory provisions, interpretation and enforceability in relation to contracts. Use critical thinking, communication and judgement to analyse case law, persuade and find solutions.

  • Law and First Peoples of Australia

    UNE-LAW164 | Undergraduate

  • Criminal Law

    UNE-LAW162 | Undergraduate

    Break into criminal law as you cover burden of proof, identification of actus reus and mens rea, relevant statute and case law. Learn to interpret legislation, identify elements of the offence, and ultimately give persuasive legal arguments.