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  • Legal, Justice and Security
  • Curtin University

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  • Company Law for Business

    CUR-BLW21 | Undergraduate

    See how the legal system impacts the way companies are run. Research company structures and incorporation laws. Uncover the rights and duties of company members, directors and stakeholders. Grasp the underlying principles that govern company laws.

  • Business Intellectual Property

    CUR-BLW370 | Undergraduate

    Cover copyright issues such as infringements and moral rights. Look closely at Australian and international policies. Interrogate franchising and licensing practices. Review the approaches businesses can take to protect their intellectual property.

  • Tort Liability for Business

    CUR-BLW202 | Undergraduate

    Cement your understanding of legal wrongs in business. Understand duty of care. Use a case study to explore a tort, like negligence or defamation, and the consequent responsibilities and legal obligations of business entities and professionals.

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  • Introduction to Business Law

    CUR-BLW101 | Undergraduate

  • Markets and Legal Frameworks

    CUR-BLW100 | Undergraduate

  • Governance for Planning

    CUR-URP100 | Undergraduate

    Take a closer look at how local, state and federal governments are structured and organised in Australia. Explore the principles and concepts that form the basis for current legislation. Find out how such legislation can impact development processes.

  • International Business Law

    CUR-BLW26 | Undergraduate

    Secure your understanding of the four sources of international business law. Register their impact on international trade. Take a closer look at intellectual property law. Attempt to solve hypothetical legal questions using legal concepts.

  • Spot the signs of misleading advertising material, sales techniques and consumer guarantees. Address the legal consequences for businesses that engage in these practices. Unpack the protections offered by Australian competition and consumer law.

  • Property Law for Business

    CUR-BLW383 | Undergraduate

    Map the areas where property, business and the law intersect. Get the background on the Torrens title system of land registration. You’ll be exposed to real property legislation, exploring issues as diverse as mortgages and native title.

  • Practical Employment Law

    CUR-BLW33 | Undergraduate

    Work through the principles upon which employment and industrial law are built. Go over enterprise agreements in detail. Ponder work pay, hours and leave. Assemble an understanding of how Australian employment law practices have developed.