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  • Legal, Justice and Security
  • RMIT University

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  • Security in Computing and IT

    RMI-CPT251 | Undergraduate

    Secure a solid technical grasp of IT security systems. Clarify and assess security measures and privacy issues across diverse digital platforms. Verify and protect data. Lock in a career as an IT security expert in a high demand, growth industry.

  • Improve your understanding of the theory and practice of family law, legislation and cases. Critically discuss law reform options while honing a specialisation in the family law jurisdiction for practice as a lawyer.

  • Law and Technology

    RMI-OJD482 | Postgraduate

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  • Outline the regulatory frameworks that impact the financial services industry. Dig into key chapters of the Corporations Act and the ASIC Act. Explore financial advisors' statutory duties. Broaden your knowledge of mortgages and estate planning.

  • Competition and Consumer Law

    RMI-OJD340 | Postgraduate

    Immerse yourself in the Competition and Consumer Law Act, Australian consumer law and the role, powers and functions of the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission. Evaluate various legal remedies available for breaches of the legislation. 

  • Insolvency Law

    RMI-OJD408 | Postgraduate

    Consider the principles of insolvency on both corporate and personal levels. Immerse yourself in the Corporations Act and the Bankruptcy Act. Determine the role of trustees and administrators. Look for areas where legal reform might be required.

  • Criminal Law

    RMI-OJD140 | Postgraduate

    Consider the requirements for liability, homicide, assault, sexual and property offences, attempts and complicity. Comprehend procedural aspects such as offence classification, compel to appear, bail and preliminary trial of indictable offences.

  • Law of Torts

    RMI-OJD120 | Postgraduate

    Become familiar with the legal environment and compensation framework in a common law system that enables redress for damage or injury to a person, security or property. Gain interviewing and legal problem solving skills.

  • Administrative Law

    RMI-OJD150 | Postgraduate

    Study the origins, development and adoption of administrative law principles into the Australian legal system. Appreciate the role of delegated legislation, merit and judicial review, the ombudsman and freedom of information legislation. 

  • Australian Company Law

    RMI-OJD210 | Postgraduate

    Delve into the law of corporations. Understand the difference between businesses and companies, and study regulations, incorporation and its implications, governance, shareholders' rights and remedies, directors’ rights and duties and insolvency.