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  • Exploring Everyday Life and Culture

    MAQ-SOCX3025 | Undergraduate

    Become familiar with the sociology of intimacy. Unveil how people carve out space in their lives for friends, family and lovers. Touch on the real-world complexities that can sometimes affect these relationships. Explore the darker side of intimacy.

  • Spot patterns in Australia's social structures. Look at the media, family, religion and class. Take advantage of sociological research methods such as observations and interviews. Begin to examine Australian society through a sociological lens.

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  • Making History

    MAQ-MHIX3000 | Undergraduate

    Undertake a large-scale research project assessing views and definitions of history since the 19th century. Inspect modern historiographical techniques. Look at empiricism and post-modernism. Unpack the biography's role as a historical tool.

  • ANZAC: A History of Australians at War

    MAQ-MHIX2050 | Undergraduate

    Evaluate the ANZAC legend's place in Australian life and mythology. Revisit some of Australia's armed conflicts before and after the Battle for Gallipoli. Deconstruct the digger myth. Address conscription, nationalism and the legacy of war.

  • Twentieth Century Europe

    MAQ-MHIX2020 | Undergraduate

    Trace the obsession with race and empire across Europe. Register the impact of fascism and communism. Learn about the wars that wracked the first half of the century. Watch as the continent embarks down a road of political, cultural and social change.