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  • Curtin University

Found 18 related courses for Curtin University Undergraduate Engineering and Sciences Subjects

  • Human Geography

    CUR-GPH100 | Undergraduate

    Follow the movements of humankind across global, national and local contexts. Dig into the fundamentals of world population growth and movement. Assess the environmental impact of human activity. Explore the political links between geography and power.

  • Inquiry in the Science Classroom

    CUR-EDP273 | Undergraduate

    Create and participate in inquiry focused, hands-on activities in science learning. Consider lesson planning, teaching strategies and assessment forms. Promote a positive attitude towards science to enable children to better understand their world.

  • Engaging Children in Science

    CUR-EDE255 | Undergraduate

    Learn how to support young children’s inquiry into natural science by engaging their curiosity and desire to explore science content. Extend your knowledge and application of learning theories, teaching and learning approaches for science.

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  • Physical Geography

    CUR-GPH110 | Undergraduate

    Map the physical geography of the planet as it relates to urban, rural and regional environments. Unearth tectonic plates and river systems. Look up to the sky and study weather patterns. Highlight the issues that affect sustainability planning.

  • Places Landscapes Regions

    CUR-GPH311 | Undergraduate

  • Engineering Measurement

    CUR-CME302 | Undergraduate

    Inspect engineering measurement rules for complex civil, resource infrastructure and industrial projects. Use Australian and international measurement standards. Interpret and calculate specifications and drawings. Measure engineering works. 

  • Project-based iSTEM Education

    CUR-EDC488 | Undergraduate

    Get students thinking about careers in about integrated science, technology, engineering and mathematics (iSTEM). Understand how you can engage pupils through project-based learning. Get set for the classroom as you create and evaluate project plans.

  • Sustainable Construction

    CUR-CME209 | Undergraduate

    Unearth the impacts of construction on the built and natural environment, people and economy. You’ll explore energy efficiency and consider how sustainable development impacts choices on the types of construction, materials and methods available.

  • Use a range of construction, environmental and management tactics to design medium-scale and rise architectural projects. Consider eco materials. Develop and integrate your writing, drawing and organisation skills to simulate projects and workplaces. 

  • Geographies of Food Security

    CUR-GPH200 | Undergraduate

    Review the status of the global food situation. Study supply chains and aid. Catalogue the challenges complicating food production efforts in the face of population growth. Weigh this against the environmental concerns threatening water availability.