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  • Postgraduate
  • Criminal justice
  • RMIT University

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  • RMIT University

    RMI-OJD140 | Postgraduate

    Consider the requirements for liability, homicide, assault, sexual and property offences, attempts and complicity. Comprehend procedural aspects such as offence classification, compel to appear, bail and preliminary trial of indictable offences.

    Start dates

    • 27 Feb 2023,  
    • 17 Jul 2023
  • RMIT University

    RMI-OJD330 | Postgraduate

    Examine the rules of evidence, putting your learnings to test in a mock trial in Melbourne. Consider the  introduction of uniform evidence laws in Australia, and the ethical issues of advocacy. Develop your collaboration and communication skills

    Start dates

    • 27 Feb 2023