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  • Child Development for Educators

    CUR-EDC135 | Undergraduate

    Gain an overview of human development from conception to early adolescence. Interpret aspects of development related to age—exploring how the interactions between the child, caregivers, home and school impact children's development.

  • Gain exposure to technology enhanced resources used to support teaching. Evaluate the complexities of the digital world and its impact on education. Sample a range of teaching and learning resources relevant to your development as an educator.

  • Health and Physical Education

    CUR-EDP255 | Undergraduate

    Appreciate the factors that dictate the importance of health and physical education within the curriculum. Gain knowledge of children's physical and social development to instill positive attitudes towards personal health and activity in learners.

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  • Indigenous Australian Education

    CUR-EDC370 | Undergraduate

    An introduction to complex cultural environments and roles interconnected with Indigenous Australian education. Engage in research that interprets Indigenous historical and contemporary themes to inform meaningful teaching practices.

  • Cultural Contexts in Primary Education

    CUR-EDP311 | Undergraduate

    Examine the social, cultural, linguistic, and economic forces which impact classrooms and learning outcomes. Investigate options that reduce the effects of inequalities through curriculum choices and pedagogical practices. 

  • Human Geography

    CUR-GPH100 | Undergraduate

    Follow the movements of humankind across global, national and local contexts. Dig into the fundamentals of world population growth and movement. Assess the environmental impact of human activity. Explore the political links between geography and power.

  • Engaging Narrative

    CUR-MCA110 | Undergraduate

    Examine storytelling and take apart how narratives are constructed. Sift through space, time, perspective and voice. Shine the spotlight on audiences. Take a closer look at narrative fiction and non-fiction and their approach to communication.

  • Social Media, Communities and Networks

    CUR-NET204 | Undergraduate

    Surf online worlds, communities and sub-cultures. Explore the relationship between technology and social bonding. Plug into gaming, social and Indigenous online networks. Analyse how on and offline ways of communicating are beginning to blur.

  • Places Landscapes Regions

    CUR-GPH311 | Undergraduate

  • Investigate the health and wellbeing factors related to the development and care of children aged 0-6 years. Study social and emotional, linguistic, and cognitive development alongside mandatory health, safety and child protection policies.