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  • Introduction to OHS

    ACU-OHSE201 | Undergraduate

    Get the fundamentals of OHS professional practice under your belt. Learn the concepts around hazard and risk, how to put these into action and how to communicate these effectively to your stakeholders. 

  • Principles of Environmental Management

    ACU-OHSE202 | Undergraduate

    Get a grounding in organisational environmental management, as you learn about the dual areas of science and management. Engage with concepts including biodiversity, sustainable development, legislation, risk assessment, and auditing.

  • Introduction to OHSE Law

    ACU-OHSE331 | Undergraduate

    Start your exploration of the Australian legal system.  Look through the legislation that regulates environmental protections and work safety. Discuss legal concepts like judicial precedent. Find out what penalties are meted out for offences.

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  • Get to grips with the risk management process, as you learn to apply the theory to real-world scenarios. Deal with threats including hazardous chemicals, infectious agents, and asbestos. Understand how to identify, analyse and respond to hazards.