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  • Business Research Design

    RMI-BUSM4449 | Postgraduate

    Grasp the key research models used to analyse and solve business problems. Adopt individual and group perspectives to discuss the business sector. Break down case studies. Run through the research project process from design to presentation.

  • Insolvency Law

    RMI-OJD408 | Postgraduate

    Consider the principles of insolvency on both corporate and personal levels. Immerse yourself in the Corporations Act and the Bankruptcy Act. Determine the role of trustees and administrators. Look for areas where legal reform might be required.

  • Global Innovation Management

    RMI-BUSM2514 | Postgraduate

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  • Accounting for Business Decisions

    RMI-OMBA610 | Postgraduate

    Add accounting skills and knowledge to your arsenal and use them to inform your business decisions. Run through accounting reporting and recording methods. Zero in on working capital. Explore this study area from the perspective of a business manager.

  • Leadership and Ethics

    RMI-OMBA630 | Postgraduate

    Trace connections between emotional intelligence, interpersonal skills and organisational performance. Highlight different managerial styles. See how good managers wield specific skills when delegating, assessing performance and resolving conflict.

  • Business Consulting

    RMI-OMBA850 | Postgraduate

    Put together informed recommendations as part of a business-consulting project for a client.Work through the design and management phases of the project. Employ persuasive writing practices. Research solutions that add value for your client.

  • Understand the nature of the multinational firm and the way it does business. Hear about globalisation and its effect on firms. Get to the heart of the economic, cultural and institutional forces that influence international management practices.

  • Financial Management

    RMI-OMBA650 | Postgraduate

    Solve investment and financing problems that can arise within organisations. Study corporate budgeting and risk. Use a framework to critique investment and dividend policy decisions.Invest your time strengthening your financial management knowledge.

  • Australian Company Law

    RMI-OJD210 | Postgraduate

    Delve into the law of corporations. Understand the difference between businesses and companies, and study regulations, incorporation and its implications, governance, shareholders' rights and remedies, directors’ rights and duties and insolvency. 

  • Negotiation and Dispute Resolution

    RMI-OJD180 | Postgraduate

    Gain a theoretical and practical introduction to the dispute resolution process. Examine negotiation, mediation, litigation, communication techniques, conflict escalation, competitive versus cooperative approaches and non-adversarial practice.