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  • Architecture, Planning and Construction
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  • Low Rise Construction

    CUR-CME101 | Undergraduate

    Stake out designs in domestic construction. You’ll study structure, materials, tools and methods to build houses from foundation to finish. Consider how structural design controls heat and light effects; ventilation, acoustics and air flow and quality. 

  • Structures

    CUR-CME104 | Undergraduate

    Study how a solid structure secures the function and integrity of buildings. Learn the structural principles of construction and identify best practice. Recognise the relationship between structure and force. Design a structure and assess stability. 

  • Get constructive and stake out a foundation in management. Study the construction project life cycle and the role of the industry in communities. Understand what managers, quantity surveyors and project managers do. Learn management techniques. 

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  • Understanding Architecture

    CUR-BAS130 | Undergraduate

    Draw on themes inspiring the meaning, expression and symbol of architectural design that defines how people live, work and play. Delve into theories, texts and examples of global and national works. Visit sites and document your observations.

  • Architecture Methods 1

    CUR-BAS115 | Undergraduate

    Begin your exploration of architectural design methods. Learn how to develop concepts, then visualise them on page and on screen. Get a snapshot of photography’s role in the field of architecture. Start drafting your career in architecture here.

  • Technology of Design

    CUR-BAS120 | Undergraduate

    Explore the bond between the built, natural and human environment in design. Learn the relationship between structure and technology. Uncover how floor and wall structures and materials impact and transform heating, lighting and acoustic function.

  • History of the Interior

    CUR-BIA170 | Undergraduate

    Travel back through the artistic and design movements of the 20th and 21st centuries. Be inspired by the Bauhaus design aesthetic, Gordon Matta-Clark’s work and the architecture of Frank Lloyd Wright. Trace their influence through to today’s work.

  • Examine the Australian measurement standards used in construction. Use rules to measure simple construction examples. Find alternative ways to measure builder’s quantities and estimates. Use techniques to quantify and cost construction work.

  • Dig deep into the rich architectural history of the ancient world to the 20th century. Use research to question and analyse. Unveil the cultural, social and political features that characterise a structure and symbolise urban open space assets.

  • Building Surveying

    CUR-CME206 | Undergraduate

    Survey Australia’s building control system and interpret legal requirements. Learn about the Building Code of Australia, sustainability issues and disability access. Consider how the Building Act impacts development applications and approvals.