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  • Psychology & mental health
  • Flinders University

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  • Flinders University

    FLI-SEM-MAS | Postgraduate

    Foster positive educational outcomes through compassion and support

    Champion calmer classrooms for students and strive to understand their social and emotional needs. With counselling and referral skills, you’ll be ready to support students struggling with non-academic hardships—and ease the teacher burden.

  • Flinders University

    Promote holistic wellbeing in learners

    Do you envision a future where learners feel mentally strong and inspired? You have the power with this degree. Learn how to promote and sustain holistic wellbeing for your students so that they can thrive.

  • Flinders University

    Understand learning processes and motivational states

    Are you an educator looking to expand on your knowledge of motivation, cognition and metacognition? Or would you like to better your own understanding of how you learn? Learn to apply cognitive psychology to learning.