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  • Edith Cowan University
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Course results for Edith Cowan University Graduate Certificate Nursing Degrees

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  • Edith Cowan University

    Use tests and medicines to extend your care of childbearing women

    Learn how to include scheduled medicines and diagnostics in your holistic care plans. Explore applied pharmacology. Unpack antenatal screening and diagnostics tests. You’ll study current professional guidelines and work towards endorsement as a prescriber.

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  • Edith Cowan University

    Specialise in caring for older adults in various settings

    Open doors to roles in residential aged care, hospitals, and home care settings. You’ll learn to support older persons’ holistic well-being. Unpack the complexities of caring for the aged and working with their families. Explore current policies and standards.

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    6 months full time or part time equivalent

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