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  • Postgraduate
  • Health & medical science
  • Australian Catholic University

Course results for Australian Catholic University Postgraduate Health & medical science Degrees

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  • Australian Catholic University

    Keep athletes healthy and safe through your career in sports

    Develop the skills you need to work with all athletes, from professionals to community players. Learn how to prevent and rehabilitate sports injuries. Understand sports-adjacent diseases and strategies for improving wellbeing.

  • Australian Catholic University

    ACU-CLN-MAS | Postgraduate

    Specialise in clinical nursing.

    Expand your nursing knowledge. Connect theory, practice and research. Evaluate challenges facing clinical practice within the broader health care sector. Contribute to values-based professional practice in dynamic and challenging environments.

  • Australian Catholic University

    For sports professionals aspiring to leadership

    Learn to lead sports organisations to greatness. You’ll get to know the business of sport and develop skills in communication and conflict management. Think about culture and values. Sprint towards your future as a leader in high performance settings.

  • Australian Catholic University

    Optimise sporting teams and individual athletes

    Explore how nutrition and exercise programs boost performance and recovery. You’ll learn about tests on the field and in the lab that unlock athletic power. Use data. Unpack the interdisciplinary environment of high performance and see where you fit.

  • Australian Catholic University

    Dive into the world of optimising athletes

    Learn what it takes to make a sports star–including overcoming hurdles like fatigue and injury. You’ll cover strength and conditioning, using data for better outcomes. Build communication skills to problem-solve with high-performance teams.

  • Australian Catholic University

    Lead strategic changes in the healthcare system

    Become an ethical, effective health leader. Prepare for work in the public, private or not-for-profit sector. Understand strategic development, and help to work towards delivering culturally safe, resource-efficient health care.

  • Australian Catholic University

    Build your management skills in health care settings

    Work on clear and focussed leadership that’s supported by data. You’ll learn how to shape health care facilities’ culture and governance. Study planning and policy. Consider ethics. Transform yourself and influence health service transformations. 

  • Australian Catholic University

    Strive for quality and safety in the health care workplace

    Learn how to make changes in the culture, management, and governance of health care facilities. You’ll work on planning, policy, management, and leadership skills. Consider ethics, morals and social justice. Think about how you can improve the workplace.

  • Australian Catholic University

    Add rehab to your health science skillset

    Build on your health qualification with sports specialist knowledge. You’ll explore how strength and conditioning can manage injury. Aim for prevention. Write exercise prescriptions for active people and get them moving again. 

  • Australian Catholic University

    Care for patients before, during, and after surgery

    Add a valued speciality practice to your nursing knowledge and experience. You’ll explore current perioperative care skills and theory. Extend your clinical nursing services across the continuum of care. Broaden your job prospects.