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  • University of Queensland
  • Graduate Diploma

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  • University of Queensland

    Extend your planning skills and expertise

    Make planning decisions that are environmentally, socially and economically sustainable. You’ll explore citymaking, regulatory frameworks, and community participation. Choose electives to focus your planning career. Graduate job-ready or pursue your masters.

  • University of Queensland

    UOQ-PBH-GDI | Postgraduate

    Take your public health knowledge further

    Use this course to upskill for a career in the public health sector, or to pursue a Masters Degree. Learn about core public health practices, and then focus on a specialised field of study like nutrition, Indigenous health or disease prevention.

  • University of Queensland

    Gain an advanced understanding of MR imaging methods

    Take your radiology career further. Understand the physics behind modern MRI equipment. Then dive into specialist areas of your choice and discover how MRI scans should be used to examine the brain, spine, heart and other key areas of the body. 

  • University of Queensland

    Go above and beyond in spatial information systems

    Complete eight subjects covering the application of Geographic Information Science (GIS) software. Analyse not only the use of remote sensing and air photos, but graduate with management skills for leading environmental research. 

  • University of Queensland

    UOQ-EPD-GDI | Postgraduate

    Advanced skills in epidemiology and biostatistics

    Grow your health workforce knowledge with this specialist qualification. Choose from clinical or standard epidemiology. You’ll develop your methodological research skills. Do the vital work that improves the health and lives of communities.

  • University of Queensland

    Learn to lead as an environmental advisor

    Bolster your future in management roles in the environmental sector with this series of eight subjects, forming your qualification. Graduate and work as a conservator, policy developer, sustainability advisor, ecologist and more.