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Your workplace has teamed up with OUA to help you achieve your goals.

Apia Good Life is excited to team up with Open Universities Australia (OUA) to give you even more reasons to start studying online.

We know there are lots of reasons you might want to study online at University—maybe it’s to reskill, perhaps it’s for a formal qualification to boost the career you’ve carefully built, or maybe it’s just fulfilling a love of learning. Whatever the reason, we wanted to bring you some special benefits and support to help make hitting the books a little bit easier.

Our friends at OUA will be there for you every step of the way to guide you through any questions you have, the enrolment process, as well as providing study assistance once you’ve got your student hat on.

To make the most of these benefits listed below, please quote the Apia Corporate Code when you enrol.

All the best with your study!

Geoff Keogh

Head of Apia Customer Value and Service

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Remember to use this code when you enrol.

Your exclusive benefits

If you choose to study through OUA, you’ll enjoy:

  • Up to $500 worth of study material assistance—for undergraduate and postgraduate courses.
  • Priority enrolment and support—chat to our corporate and specialist team on 1300 513 044.
  • Hundreds of options to upskill depending on your career goals—choose a single subject to hone your skills in a specific area, or a degree to change paths or gain in-depth knowledge. OUA offers a range of options from leading Australian universities.

The same benefits apply to members of your direct family, regardless of their location.


Want to know more?

Please complete all fields and the OUA Corporate Sales team will be in touch to answer your questions.

How to enrol

Upskilling with a leading Australian university through OUA is easy. Get the ball rolling by contacting our dedicated corporate and specialist team on 1300 513 044. Or, leave your details and we’ll get back to you.

Just be sure to quote your corporate code to unlock your exclusive benefits.

Online short courses now available!

Upskill towards peak performance with this new suite of online short courses.

Access expert trainers and industry professionals from the University of Adelaide—ranked in the top 1% of universities worldwide.

Study from the comfort of your own home via a virtual learning platform. When you complete the course you’ll receive a University of Adelaide Certificate of Completion.

Quote your corporate code when you speak with a student advisor or enrol online. This unlocks your study material assistance and more.

You’ll find an email from our corporate and specialist team in your inbox shortly after enrolling. This will include everything you need to know about getting your study material assistance.

To make sure it reaches you, it’s important that you quote your corporate code when you speak with a student advisor or enrol online.

If you don’t quote this code during your enrolment, you won’t be able to enjoy the benefits. So make sure you keep it handy!

If you’d like to talk about your benefits as an employee whose workplace has partnered with OUA or chat through your study options, reach out to the corporate and specialist team on 1300 513 044 or at

How much your fees will be depends on factors including your citizenship and residency status, plus your study load and level of study. Most courses list the cost on the course page. If not, an OUA student advisor can help.

When it comes to paying for your study, eligible students studying through OUA can apply for HELP loans. These allow you to defer the payment of your tuition fees until your income reaches a minimum threshold. Once it does, you simply repay your loan as you pay your taxes.

If you aren’t eligible for a HELP loan, credit card payments are also available. Find out more about study fees.

When you enrol, you will provide OUA with your personal information in accordance with OUA’s Privacy Policy which is disclosed on the website.

If your study through OUA is being funded by your employer, OUA will provide regular reports to your employer about your academic progress, which will include your relevant personal information.

If you have any concerns about this, please have a chat with your employer.

Find out more

The OUA Corporate Sales Team can assist you with your enrolment, help you plan your studies and answer any questions about how studying through OUA works.