Taylah: Going beyond your ATAR

While Taylah didn't ace her high school exams, she was able to enter the degree she'd set her heart on, by studying and passing single subjects first.

When Taylah was in Year 12, tension was running high in the school hallways. Career dreams were at stake, and it was an ATAR score that could make or break a year (if not 12 years) of hard work. But Taylah wasn’t one to buckle under the pressure.

“Teachers always told us that exams were important… (that) you need to get a high ATAR score or you won’t have many options,” Taylah recalls, “but I never felt too much pressure because I knew that no matter what, I would always have an option to get into what I wanted”.

Taylah was focused on the field of law and justice, with her sights set on a degree in forensic science. While she knew she had options regardless of her ATAR, she was still disappointed to learn that she didn’t score high enough. But it didn’t get her down for long – while browsing online, she found Open Universities Australia (OUA), and was attracted to a Bachelor of Criminology and Criminal Justice with Griffith University.

Criminology and criminal justice student Taylah Lloyd and pet
Taylah - Studying Criminology and Criminal Justice with Griffith University, through Open Universities Australia.

An OUA student advisor explained to Taylah that she could still qualify for entry despite her ATAR, if she passed a few of the degree’s core subjects first. Taylah did just that – proving herself capable, and getting accepted into a degree that she was excited about. The subjects she completed were even credited towards her degree, so it took her no extra time to progress to where she is today.

A career in the justice system is what Taylah is working towards. She intends to continue studying with Griffith University through OUA, moving onto the Graduate Certificate or Masters.

“Getting straight into the degree may be the easiest way, but it’s not the only way.”

“At the moment, I’m really just enjoying criminology theory – learning why people do what they do, and working on preventing that” Taylah says. Her advice to high school students entering or finishing Year 12, is to understand that a lower ATAR score than desired isn’t a closed door.

“As much as I can say don’t stress about it – you’re always going to.” says Taylah with a grin. “Getting straight into the degree may be the easiest way, but it’s not the only way.”

Criminology and criminal justice student Taylah Lloyd studying

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Open Universities Australia can help you get into university to study a field you’re interested in, no matter your ATAR results. Many degrees available through OUA allow you to start studying by passing pre-requisite subjects. Better yet, you can enrol in these subjects today. Not only can Open Universities Australia help you get into university, through OUA you can study online, in your own time and space. 

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