Trading campus for an ocean breeze

Living in a picturesque coastal neighbourhood, it’s no wonder Loren has chosen to stay put and earn her dream degree online.

In the beachside town of Woonona, 10 minutes north of Wollongong, lives Loren – a budding writer with a passion for the arts. Loren began university study with a Bachelor of Music, but couldn’t commit to studying on campus. Her partner is Canadian, so Loren spends a lot of time between the two countries. “I didn’t like the fact that I had to tailor my life around the degree”. Loren had always dreamt of writing a book, so in her search for a degree, she discovered Griffith University’s Bachelor of Arts. She enrolled with a major in Creative Writing, and has been enjoying the life of an online student ever since.

Arts student Loren Adlington home
Loren - Studied Arts with Griffith, through Open Universities Australia.

“I heard a lot of comments from people saying, you don’t need to go to school to learn how to write” says Loren, “But I wholeheartedly disagree”. Loren has learnt so much about writing technique, and has improved immensely by having her work critiqued. She’s even started a casual job writing reports for a migration agency, in which she can apply principles she’s learned, like writing structure, flow, editing and proofreading. “I’m working in my field and I haven’t even officially graduated yet, so it’s really cool”.

Loren believes that success comes down to a number of things – one of the most important being downtime. “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”, says Loren, grateful to have maintained her hobbies and lifestyle while studying. When flexibility is key, there’s a lot for Loren to love about online learning.

Arts student Loren Adlington beach

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