Shane’s story – an IT Degree from RMIT

Online study meant Shane could change career direction, without dropping his freelance work, or pulling away from his beloved children.

Shane wanted to further his study, but living in the remote mining town of Kalgoorlie in Western Australia meant his education choices were limited. Shane decided to enrol in RMIT’s Bachelor of Information Technology, online through Open Universities Australia. “OUA allows me to do what I want with my career and life. It opens options” he says.

The talented graphic artist worked in the print industry, yet the digital transformation in the sector now means companies seek out digital skills and qualifications. Studying online allows Shane to change the direction of his career without dropping his current experience and responsibilities, which include freelancing and being a dad to Akira, 5, and Misha, 3.

Shane says the best part of studying with RMIT University is access to great content and resources, online databases and digital learning tools like It’s information he uses to learn at his own pace, from any location.

Information technology student Shane Browner-laptop
Shane - Studied Information technology with RMIT University through Open Universities Australia.

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