Real lecturers talk online study

For most students, once they get comfortable with the online format, they find that it’s not hard to connect and collaborate as they would in real life.

Online study can have people in two minds:

  • The tempting: Working to your own schedule in your 'jim-jams' (or draped in velvet, for the George Costanza fans out there)
  • The daunting: Attempting university study while boxed into a room. Alone.

What’s more important? The freedom that remote study can provide, or the instant feedback of a classroom? Perhaps a better question is, which scenario is more likely to foster your success?

At the end of the day, study is something you do as an individual, whether you’re in a classroom, a library, a bustling café, or just at home. It’s important to have a sounding board to bounce ideas off, but who’s to say this isn’t possible in the online world? It's not difficult to connect and collaborate once you know your way around the online environment.

lecturer joel louie
Joel Louie - Lecturer at Curtin University, teaching students studying online through Open Universities Australia.

When you think about it, so many of our interactions take place online, whether casually on social media, or formally through work. In a workplace, you’ll connect with people outside your organisation primarily over the internet, and even your in-office colleagues will have conversations via email – not (solely) out of laziness, but in order to keep track of information, and loop in large groups of people.

Hear from real lecturers

Still not comfortable with the idea of online study? To help you feel more at ease, our video brings together 8 real academics, to talk you through the experience. They describe how it works, and what personal touches they apply to simulate that comfy classroom feel. With years of experience behind them, be assured that you’re in good hands, and that success can happen outside the physical classroom walls.

lecturer jennifer duke yonge
Dr. Jennifer Duke-Yonge, lecturer at Macquarie University, teaching students studying online through Open Universities Australia.

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