Angus’ story – An IT degree from RMIT

While some people swear by the on-campus experience, Angus wanted to study his IT degree online, and fit more of what he loves into life.

Amid a busy household of 6 ducks, 3 chickens, and two majestic greyhounds, you’ll find Angus – busy working his way towards a degree in IT. Angus tried studying on-campus, but found that it wasn’t for him. In part, it was the travel, which meant that he’d be spending 4 hours a day on public transport – nobody’s idea of fun. Angus is currently living with his housemate, who has a 6-year old son called Quinn, to whom Angus sees himself as a role model. He wants to be there for Quinn for school pick-ups and drop-offs, so studying online through Open Universities Australia is a great fit.

Previously, Angus had studied through the University of Adelaide, undertaking a degree in humanities, with a major in politics. “Since then I’ve decided that I need something more rigid and logical” says Angus, “IT is the area for me”. Now he studies RMIT’s Bachelor of Information Technology, and he has particularly enjoyed the subjects that focus on the physical hardware of computers. “It brings back really happy childhood memories of building computers with my Dad” smiles Angus.

information technology student angus shaw holding instrument
Angus - Studying Bachelor of Information Technology with RMIT, through Open Universities Australia.

Studying 3 subjects per study period with OUA, whilst also studying online at TAFE, means that Angus has a lot on his plate. “The most important thing is to make sure you schedule your time,” says Angus “If you decide that because you’re not being monitored, that you don’t need to study today, you’re going to have problems down the track”. Angus sees great value in rewarding himself for making progress – it breaks up a long study day, and helps him to mentally cope with big tasks. To reset a tired brain, Angus’ downtime activity of choice is playing the guitar. If he’s not strumming away, there’s always dogs to walk, and ducks and chickens to feed – it’s the furry creatures in Angus’ household that help him get up in the morning and stick to his schedule.

“If a course doesn’t work out for you, that’s okay. Most of us have a few things we’re really passionate about”.

When Angus finishes his degree, he’s looking into a job as a programmer, or potentially into further study, where he can learn another programming language or two. His advice to others is to explore study areas, and find something that gets you excited. “I wish I’d gone from politics to IT a year or two earlier than I did” he says. “If a course doesn’t work out for you, that’s okay. Most of us have a few things we’re really passionate about”. Like Angus has realised, the first avenue you take doesn’t have to be the only one you ever walk down… so don’t be afraid to explore.

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