5 reasons to invest in you

Find out why further education is a smart move, especially in today's world, where multi-skilled professionals are the norm.

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The digital world is growing stronger and creating more opportunities, and to take advantage of them means escalating costs for companies. That’s why professionals with a wide-reaching skill base are currently in demand. But it’s not just the workplace that’s shifting – the educational world is shifting too, in order to accommodate the needs of busy professionals. Studying online enables you to gain the added qualifications you need to remain confident and competitive in the workplace, without taking time away from work or family. Here are five reasons why you should upskill today.

  1. Keep up with industry demands and trends

    All anyone is talking about is AI and machine learning, and rightly so. But another trend on the rise is the need for soft skills – competencies based on personal attributes, like curiosity, initiative, persistence, adaptability, leadership, and social/cultural awareness. In the workplace, these skills translate into problem solving, creativity, leadership and collaboration. So make the most of your innate talents, and use them to help secure the career you want now and in the future.

  2. Get a promotion-worthy edge

    If you’re craving a challenge or have a promotion in your sights, higher level skills and qualifications may be a prerequisite to stepping up. This was the case for Edward.

    To help him uncover tools and frameworks to make a more powerful impact at work, Edward completed his Executive MBA from RMIT University, online through Open Universities Australia (OUA). His Postgraduate qualification enabled him to rise through the ranks within the finance industry.

  3. Increase your value and confidence

    Future-proof your career by pairing your work experience with recognised qualifications. Peter knows what it’s like to lack confidence, even after decades in the medical technology industry.

    He felt his background in sales affected his credibility with doctors and clinicians, and impacted his ability to influence as a Business Manager. Studying RMIT’s Bachelor of Applied Science online through OUA solidified his knowledge and boosted his confidence, and he continued to study an MBA to hone his business skills.

  4. Gain the generalist advantage

    You’ve surely heard the expression “Jack of all trades, master of none”. While this saying used to be common, now it’s essential to have multiple skillsets to thrive in the workforce. It’s important to remember that it’s never too late to broaden your knowledge through study.

    After 13 years in the same role, Michelle started studying RMIT’s Executive MBA online through OUA, and her opportunities within the business expanded instantly. With the desire to become an expert in every area of the business, she increased her competitive edge and now has a holistic understanding of the organisation.

  5. Embark on a career change

    While you may be itching to start in your new career, taking the time to upskill first will ensure you don’t miss out on your dream job. At OUA, you can choose from hundreds of degrees and thousands of single subjects from leading Australian universities, all in the one place. You even have the opportunity to combine subjects from multiple study areas, and multiple universities. Studying online gives you the ability to build your degree, your way.

    Learning is a lifelong journey, and through OUA, you can study towards your career goals, without putting your life on hold.

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