Who we are

Our commitment

Our commitment defines our company culture and approach for what we deliver to our students, partners and staff.

To our students

We make every effort to support students on their study journey. Studying through OUA means not having to worry about time, distance or entry-level requirements. You can study what you want, where you want and when you want.

OUA is committed to helping our students overcome the traditional barriers of university education. You can start in any of OUA's study terms to fast track your degree.

If you complete a degree through OUA, you will graduate from the university offering the course and your qualification will be identical to that awarded to an on-campus student. The highly regarded units and courses offered through OUA provide a global perspective that gives graduates a competitive advantage that can boost their employment prospects.

The choice is yours! You can start working towards a qualification straight away or you can enrol in one or two units that interest you and decide if you want to work towards a full qualification later. We are your partner in lifelong learning and are committed to helping you achieve your educational goals.

To our partners and shareholders

We recognise that our success depends on the strength of our partnerships. We place a high value on relationships that will provide us the opportunity to expand our offering through access to new courses and technologies.

We aim to work as partners with our shareholders and providers in developing, delivering and assuring the quality of our qualifications. Our focus on trust and mutual profitability for our partner relationships is the cornerstone of this commitment.

To our staff and team

We aspire to be a workplace that values the contribution of our staff. At OUA, we communicate honestly to create an environment that fosters fairness, respect and that rewards effort. We will foster a culture that encourages employees to maximise their potential.