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This unit will help you to develop and practise the skills and strategies you need to achieve success in the IELTS Listening test. You will learn about the format of the Listening test, how to understand the instructions you hear, the types of questions and what they require you to do and the listening strategies and skills that will help you to locate the answers. This unit includes four hours of listening activities and a range of voices and accents to provide you with realistic listening practice. You will also have access to timed activities similar to the Listening test, extensive feedback and a full practice test with answers. It should take you approximately 25 hours of online study to complete the unit materials.

Access Time: 30 days from the date of first login to the unit. If you enrol in other IELTS Master units at the same time, your access time will be extended to 50 days (two units), 70 days (three units) or 90 days (four units).

Additional Information: The IELTS Master Academic Listening unit uses Adobe Reader for the Workbook and the printable version of the Study Plan. Many computers already have Adobe Reader installed, but if not, full instructions on how to download this for free are provided within the course.


You should have at least an intermediate level of English (approximately IELTS Band 5 or TOEFL PBT 520 or iBT 68).


Assessment details, including dates, word limits and topics, will be provided in your study materials.

Learning Outcomes

In the IELTS Master Listening unit you will learn about:

  1. the format of the Listening test
  2. understanding the instructions you hear in the test
  3. the types of questions you will read in the test and what they require you to do
  4. the listening strategies and skills you need to help you locate the answers.

You can also complete a practice Listening test. This is recommended but not compulsory. Because this unit is a non-award unit, there will be no compulsory assignments to be submitted and no final exam.


This unit addresses the following topics.

1Introduction to the listening test
2Question types
3General test - taking strategies
4Before you listen - predicting what you will hear
5Before you listen - preparing to hear synonyms
6Section 1 of the listening test
7Section 2 of the listening test
8Section 3 of the listening test
9Section 4 of the listening test
10Practice test with answers
11Study strategies for the IELTS listening test

Study Resources

This unit is delivered using the following methods and materials:

Online materials

  • FAQs
  • Printable format materials
  • Quizzes

Textbook information for this unit is currently being updated and will be available soon. Please check back regularly for updates. Alternatively, visit the Unibooks website and enter the unit details to search for available textbooks.

If you would like to study this unit and enrol today, add it to your Study Cart. Alternatively if you are still exploring your options, you can save this unit to review later by clicking Save to Wishlist.

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