Graduate Diploma in Information and Library Studies 2012

Take your career to the next level by advancing your skills and understanding of Information Technology. This postgraduate course in Information Management gives you the option to work towards triple accreditation in librarianship, records management and archives. Gain expertise in areas including intranet content management, digital libraries, records management and corporate information management. Grow your career through expert management of information.

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8 units

How to enrol

  1. This is a restricted course. Enrolment is only available to students who have been accepted into this course.
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The Graduate Diploma in Information and Library Studies offers graduates the opportunity to complete the units required for professional registration with the Australian Library & Information Association (ALIA). The units in the librarianship include topics in collection development, resource description and access,  management of library and information services, and provide an overview of the use of computers and communication technologies.

Professional Recognition

The Graduate Diploma in Information and Library Studies is professionally accredited by the Australian Library and Information Association (ALIA).


Applicants require an undergraduate degree in another discipline or equivalent from a recognised tertiary institution.

English Language Proficiency Requirements
Applicants need to meet Curtin’s English Language requirement as all courses are taught in English. If your education qualifications were not predominantly in English, the minimum English language requirements are:

International English Language Testing System (IELTS Academic): with a minimum overall score of 6.5 (with no component score lower than 6.0).

How to Apply

This course is restricted. Students are required to apply and be approved by Curtin University before they can enrol in units through OUA.

Applications for the Information Management / Information & Library Studies / Records Management & Archives course are due by Friday two weeks prior to the close of enrolment.

Please complete the application form below.

  1. Read information requirements

    • Select to apply for one or more courses listed on the application form, taking note of the eligibility criteria for each course. If you want to apply for a (restricted) course with a different university, you'll need to submit a separate application from the relevant course page.

    • Read all parts of the application form in advance:

      Receive a faster response by ensuring you have all the required information ready before you start. If you have a web account, sign in first to pre-fill personal details we already have for you on record.

      If you do not have a web account, you'll need to register one within the application form. Once you've registered an account, you'll then be signed in. From here you can choose to complete your application and submit it, or save and return to it later.

      Completing this application should take 15 to 20 minutes.

    • Need help completing your application? Contact us:

      If in doubt about any of the information required to support your application, the more information you can provide the better. If you have any academic queries including how to request credit transfer, contact Curtin University directly. For all other enquiries, contact us.

    • Next steps:

      After submitting your application, you should receive a confirmation email containing a copy of your application for your records.

      Your application will be assessed within 2-4 weeks, and if further information is required, we will contact you. Once your application has been assessed, we will be in touch via email to notify you of the outcome. At the latest this will be one week after the closing date for applications.

      If, after submitting your application, you wish to change your preferences or submit an additional document, please email Include your full name as it appeared on the application.

  2. Prepare supporting documents

    • Check that you have all the required supporting documentation, according to the individual course eligibility requirements and to your personal circumstances:

      1. Colour scans of original academic documentation (in support of eligibility requirements), including:
        • Official Academic transcripts:
          • Showing the units/subjects you have completed and their final grades, including the date the program was completed, or the qualification awarded
          • Grading Key of grades/results (usually on the reverse of the transcripts)
          • Include all pages, ensuring page numbers are visible
        • Academic Testamur or Certificate of Completion

        Unofficial copies will not be accepted.

        Required for all applications based on academic experience and for all academic experience listed on the application form.

      2. Colour scans of original legal documentation, including:
        • Marriage certificate
        • Deed poll name change certificate

        Required to show your legal name or if you have changed your name.

        Please ensure your legal name is on your application form and matches your documentation.

      3. Colour scans of original official translations of supporting documents not in English. Required for:
        • All academic documentation, e.g. transcripts and certificates
        • All legal documentation, e.g. marriage, deed poll and birth certificates

        If any academic or legal document is not in English, you must provide a colour scan of the non-English documents, including a colour scan of the official English translations of these documents. This is for comparison purposes.

      4. Colour scans of original English language test results, such as IELTS or TOEFL.

        Required if your previous studies were not completed in English.

      5. Your Curriculum Vitae. Required for:
        • Entry into all postgraduate courses
        • All applications based on work experience
      6. A letter of reference or recommendation from your employer, required for all applications based on work experience

        This letter must be on company letterhead, documenting length of time working for that company and duties performed.

        If you are providing documentation to support work experience for a period of time, and you have worked for multiple employers over that period, please provide a letter of reference for each separate employer.

      Please provide scanned copies of all original academic and legal documents. Only include supporting documentation if you have undertaken studies/qualifications at institutions other than OUA or Curtin University. This application will become the property of Open Universities Australia and Curtin University and will not be returned. Applications will only be considered if academic records/transcripts for all courses attempted or completed are included along with the certificate of award conferred.

    • Requirements of scanned documents:

      1. Documents must be scanned from the original documents. Scans from a photocopy, a certified copy or a faxed copy are not acceptable.
      2. Documents must be scanned in colour.
      3. Applicants must ensure no portion of the document is missing (look out for page numbers).
      4. Documents must be scanned at the original size. If the document is larger than A4 then the document should be scanned in A4 sized portions without size reduction.
      5. If the document has markings or text on both sides e.g. a registration number then both sides must be scanned.
      6. Documents must be scanned in the following format:
        .pdf .doc .xlsx .rpt
        .rtf .docx .tif .bmp
        .txt .xls .jpg
      7. Scanned documents must be between 125 and 150 dots per inch.
      8. File size of any single document should not exceed 3MB.

Then submit your application in one of two ways:

Apply online

Alternatively, you can download, print and email/fax your application:

Curtin_Postgraduate_Application_Form (PDF, 233 KB)

PDF applications should be emailed to: or faxed to: +61 3 8628 2989.

Practicum Placements

Curtin is very committed to professional experience for students and satisfactory completion of practicums is a requirement. All students undertake a three week full-time practicum in the core unit INFM130 Information Theory and Research.

Award Requirements

To qualify for the award of Graduate Diploma in Information and Library Studies students must complete four core units and four Information and Library Studies core units for a total of eight units.

Recognition of Prior Learning / Credit

Credit may be awarded for postgraduate study undertaken in the same discipline area at another tertiary institution. Applicants are encouraged to contact Curtin University for advice prior to submitting their application.

Recommended Study Pattern

Students should enrol in INFM120 Information Management Technologies as the first unit of study. A recommended study plan can be obtained from the Graduate coordinator.

Course Structure

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Core units Total number of units to complete: 4 units
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2012 Availability
Required Units: Complete the following 4 units

1 INFM130 has a practicum placement requirement.

Professional units - Information and Library Studies Total number of units to complete: 4 units
Unit code
Unit name
2012 Availability
Required Units: Complete the following 4 units
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