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Support services

We’ll help you match your aspirations with the right degree, step you through your applications and enrolment, guide you through financial options, and provide 24/7 online tutoring.

Getting advice

Reach out to us for support and recommendations. We have experience and connections to help you find your study path and stay on track.


Your own personal tutoring support system! Enjoy free access to expert tutors across a range of subjects and strive for success.

Study preparation

Get ready to meet the challenges of online learning head on. Boost your study skills to get the most out of your degree.


Your Student Hub support services

We’ve made sure that we can lend you a helping hand whenever you need one. Sign in to your Student Hub to access these support services.

Disability support

Disability shouldn't be a barrier to study, and the universities we work with agree. All our university partners provide dedicated disability support services, so you’ll have everything you need to be successful.

Complaints management

We take your satisfaction seriously. All formally raised issues are investigated through our complaints management process.

Making changes

We’re here to support you through any changes that will affect your studies—from small updates to your personal details, to bigger changes like withdrawing from university subjects or discontinuing your degree.

Special Circumstances

We get that you’ll have to drop a subject if circumstances beyond your control come into play. If so, remember that you might be able to avoid financial and academic penalties if you can demonstrate special circumstances.