Driving Instructor

Driving Instructors teach classes or individuals the laws and safety practices of effective driving. They instruct new drivers on driving techniques and often provide hands-on experience in a motor vehicle. They should have patience and strong communication skills to provide feedback to drivers and correct errors in a safe and effective way.

Duties and tasks

  • Coordinate class time schedules and individualised student drive test appointments
  • Educate groups and individuals using a variety of audio-visual and memorisation tools on traffic laws, signs and regulations, as well as appropriate actions required for drivers to follow
  • Evaluate students knowledge and abilities driving a motor vehicle and recommend students for driving tests when ready.
  • Guide students on test drives to practice operating a moving vehicle, providing feedback and correcting mistakes
  • Provide helpful tips for safe driving as well as sensible practices in various driving conditions, especially emergency situations and extreme weather conditions
  • Take students into a motor vehicle to demonstrate proper use of tool s such as mirrors, brakes, gears, signals and lights

Skills required

  • Alertness and Patience
  • Critical Thinking Skills
  • Good Driver and Clean Driving Record
  • Strong Communication Skills
  • Time Management

Working conditions

Driving Instructors typical work weeks can be varied depending on class schedules, student base and hands-on driving instruction appointments. They may need to work evenings and weekends in order to serve school-age students or adults working during the week. Driving Instructors typically spend part of their time in a classroom setting instructing on the basics and rules of driving, and the other part in motor vehicles teaching students.

Professional associations / Industry information

Safe Drivers For Life DTA is the national body for professional driver trainers promoting Safe Driving for Life

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